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It's not the business of art to tell you to eat your greens

ArtPosted by Karl Sharro Sat, June 20, 2009 23:47:43
It's not the business of art to tell you to eat your greens, said the American poet Alice Goodman. It's not the business of art to tell you to be green either.

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Fill in only if you are not real

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Posted by Sally Payen Tue, July 21, 2009 15:29:07


I came to a talk you did last september when the manifesto came out - really interesting and inspiring. I'm an artist sometimes I work in public realm and regen - but I'm very influenced by these kinds of ideas as narrative for my artwork, anyway at the moment I have a exhibition of paintings and drawings at a architects practice in Birmingham, Bryant Priest Newman, a thinking practice. As I was in dialogue with them on the drawing installation part I remembered your talk etc and used a line of text from another talk advertised on your site I think 'Broken Britain; Can we fix it' - my installation evolved from ideas about 'land Grab into Broken Britain - here I got members of the public to pin professions on the broken britain map on who they thought would fix it. Go to my just started blog to see and this will link you to website - over time I will be putting more images up - kind of narrative linking of builders at work, interactive elements and old maps, referencing how Britain once was.




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